“The energy and commitment to our initiatives have made (DLAB) an integral part of our team.” 

Purchasing Director, Global Personal Care Brand

We Spot Coming Trends Before They Emerge

Our innovation experts have insight into coming trends before they emerge and the imagination to respond with exquisite, first-of-a-kind products.   Our secret weapon is a team of beauty shoppers across Asia and Europe, celebrity makeup artists, and Influencers.  With their insight and data analysis from the top forecasting agencies, we stay ahead of the curve.

The New Wave

COMING SOON – 100% Clean Mineral Sunscreens

DLAB is replacing chemical sunscreens, shown to be irritating to skin, with a 100% Mineral Sunscreen.  The collection will be available in a full range of skin care and makeup formulas, including extra-fine fluid, non-aerosol spray, loose powder, tinted moisturizer, and foundation.  Our Mineral Sunscreen has all the attributes consumers look for… lightweight, translucent, and imperceivable, when applied over skin care and underneath foundation.  

SPECIFICITY – Beyond Moisturizer & Face Oil

Acne, Redness, Dark Spots, Microbiome Imbalances… these are only a few of the skin conditions that today’s consumer is focusing on. DLAB chemists understand the complexities of skin and have the expertise to develop formulas that provide solutions.  Our exclusive Activity Preservation Technology preserves the integrity and performance of Retinol and Vitamin C, essential actives that address a variety of skin conditions. 

DIVERSITY – Finessing Skin Tone Identity

Skin Tone Color Matching is a complex art form.  Undertone, value, coverage and finish, all play a role in producing the perfect shade match.  DLAB has developed a proprietary process that expedites shade development and improves shade matching accuracy.