“Working with DLAB has been a great experience.  The formulations they provide are very innovative and of the highest quality.”

– Director of Product Development, Global Beauty Brand

Innovation is Our Super Power

We nurture an environment where the art and science of Innovation can grow. That’s why brands of every class of trade, from masstige to luxury, put their trust in DLAB. Our Research & Innovation Chemists have the credentials, ingenuity, and breadth of experience to develop trend-defining products and turn blue-sky projects into reality.

Our Creative Tools

DLAB Chemists have the creative tools and resources to deliver a continuous stream of stunning new products, throughout the year.  Our global partnerships with progressive R & D Labs and raw material developers give us exclusive access to cutting-edge technologies, delivery systems, and exotic plant-derived ingredients that drive innovation and heighten formula performance. 

Green Light Innovation


This extraordinary formula based on Encapsulation Technology, instantly transforms from a loose powder to cream, before your eyes. The cutting-edge technology has tremendous flexibility, able to provide moisturizing properties to all types of formulas, and incorporates water-soluble and oil-soluble “active” ingredients into the technology while maintaining the loose powder appearance.  Organic, Inorganic, and Pearlescent pigments can be added to achieve a tint of color, luminous glow, or both. 

“We love to take on challenges and find innovative solutions that will contribute to our client’s growth.”

Wendy McEvoy, Co-Founder DLAB