With over 20 years of experience, DLAB possesses the leadership, operational skills, and state-of-the-art facilities to offer individualized solutions that meet your manufacturing goals. Our job is to ensure every phase of your project runs efficiently, while maintaining the highest standard of quality.

A critical factor in manufacturing is the ability to transfer R&I formulas to the manufacturing floor.  DLAB has developed a seamless scale-up process where innovations are first formulated in a lab sized, industrial Type-4 Stainless Steel Vessel.  This process initiates the collaborative efforts between R&I, Process Development and Manufacturing to ensure the seamless transition of your product, from the lab to the plant.  

We are continuously investing in advanced systems and state-of-the-art equipment, enabling DLAB clients to keep pace with evolving trends and the speed-to-market our industry demands.  

Combined with our proprietary methods of processing, manufacturing, and filling, DLAB draws domestic & international clients from all over the world.

Quality Control

DLAB Quality Control is meticulous, supported by strong teamwork and empowered employees dedicated to ensuring consumer safety and the efficacy of every formula.  

Rigorous methodologies for inspection, testing, and final approval are followed for every formula we produce.  Both internal formulas and tech transfers are brought through a multi-review process across departments that include R&D, Regulatory, QC, and Operations, before receiving final approval for publication.


DLAB Regulatory is managed by experienced professionals, committed to ensuring every ingredient in your formula is compliant and that you have the required documentation.  We ensure that FDA regulations are followed, stated efficacy claims, and safety testing is met.  

We confirm the formula matches your stated specifications on the product development brief.  

Upon completion of the Regulatory Review, Regulatory provides a complete Product Dossier, with all the necessary documentation, including FDA registration of OTC products and international registration, when needed.    

DLAB will also orchestrate all third-party tests needed for Cosmetic and OTC Drug products.