“The team helped bring our lofty product goals to life with formulas that are cutting edge, natural and organic.”  

Founder, Beauty Brand

Welcome to DLAB Innovation Laboratory

Our fully functional lab is your source for innovative, customized formulas.  Whether you’re launching a new product or starting your own brand, our team of Chemists have the skills and creativity to develop sophisticated formulas, with exquisite esthetics and elevated performance.  

Our exclusive partnerships with technology developers, satellite labs, and raw material houses, provide DLAB Innovation Chemists with the creative tools and resources to turn your idea into a custom, one-of-a-kind product.   When you need a head-start on product development, the DLAB Formula Library has a vast selection of stability tested formulas in every category.  Use one or more of these hidden gems as a starting point, then customize, as needed. 

The Technical Transfer Group

Savvy brand leaders are developing exclusive, proprietary formulas, making Tech Transfer a valuable service.  Recognizing the demand, DLAB has established a dedicated Technical Transfer Group to put clients at ease.  We manage the communication, paperwork, samples, and all other critical steps to produce an identical match.

Natural Wonders

DLAB Innovation Chemists are masters at the art and science of Natural, Organic, and Clean formulas.  

We replace chemicals and synthetics, deemed unhealthy for skin, with natural ingredients and green technologies that produce gorgeous textures, color, and scent, without sacrificing performance. 


The beauty industry moves at the speed of light and so do we.  When you need Speed-to-Market, we have it.  Our streamline processes and manufacturing efficiencies are designed to avoid common delays that put you behind.  Starting with product development and ending with finished goods, we keep your project on-track, so you can make your launch, promotion, or special event.